Premium Rush: The Bike Crash


Joseph Gordon-Levitt is an American actor known for his wide-ranging roles in movies such as Angels in the Outfield, Inception, and (500) Days of Summer.

If one simply recalls the number of hits that Joseph Gordon Levitt has starred in this past summer, including movies such as The Dark Knight Rises, Premium Rush, and Looper, it is no surprise that Gordon-Levitt was involved in some kind of onset accident.  Each of these movies required stunts on behalf of Gordon-Levitt, including the various fighting scenes throughout Looper, and the intense bike riding scenes throughout the city of New York in Premium Rush.

Joseph Gordon Levitt

While filming Premium Rush in New York City on August 1, 2010, Gordon-Levitt was injured.  A scene was being shot where Gordon-Levitt had to cycle profusely throughout the city, and unfortunately, Gordon-Levitt ended up badly injured thanks to a diplomat who had driven through an area that was off limits.  Because New York City is home to the United Nations, the city is peppered with diplomats, which is the least likely person you would expect to break the law and enter a zoned off area.  As a result, Gordon-Levitt ended up smashing through the back of a taxicab, cutting his arm to pieces.  Gordon-Levitt received 31 stitches, but was back on set to work the next day.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this accident is that the footage actually made it into the movie, which was encouraged by Gordon-Levitt.   Looking back, the director, David Koepp, decided that it was a terrible idea to put actors into a situation where they are riding their bikes in New York City during high traffic hours, because someone is bound to get hurt.


High intensity training was required for all of the actors who undertook the challenge of Premium Rush, which involved cycling for six weeks, five days a week.  This was a huge challenge for some of the actors, such as Wole Parks, who claims that he has barely ever ridden a bike.  The actors had to get used to falling, because they did this quite often.  Fitness and biking technique were the areas focused on during training, which is extremely crucial for those riding in New York City traffic.

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